Our Programs

Playway to VIII

The courses include English, Hindi, Maths,Science, Social science, P.T, Art, Computer and Vocab. Extra curricular activities are arranged session wise with main area like Yoga, Karate and Judo and the winners are also awarded with medals and certificates. Also the talented students from our vidyalaya has played on national level.

Class IX to X

The courses are English, Hindi, Maths, S.St,(both hindi and english medium) and Science. Extra curricular activities and house activities are also conducted on prescribed days.

Streams For Class XI and XII

A.P.S. School provides major two streams for students i.e: Science and commerce.Streams are alloted to the students on the basis of their percentages in highschool boards.

School Laboratory

A.P.S. School provides all the kinds of Physics, Chemistry, Bilogy, Computer labs for the students from class V to XII. The labs are equipped with all the modern equipments and facilities. Equipments are present in a numerous amount so that every student may got the chance to perform the experiments and learn from his own. It is beleived that doing experiments withself stay a longer than learning it in book.

Library And Resource Center

The school library maintains a supportive and nurtute encironmentin building up the knowledge bank of students.the library contains almost all the books that cover a panormic spectrum of subjects to satisfy the urge to learn and curiosity that is so natural to the child.The library is constantly acquiring new titles to stay up to date with the latest in the world and also subscribe to various periodical and jounrals.

School Transport

A.P.S. School provides yellow bus service to 1200 students on 20 buses everyday. Our fleet drives approximately 400 kms per day and we average about 98%on time service. Students are picked up and dropped off at a corner near home (specified stopages).All buses meet all state safety standards.The buses are equipped with CCTV cameras and GPS servies. To maintain disciplne inside buses almost all the teachers also travels through the buses.

A.P.S. School Residential School

Child's over all development, education, personality development, leadership, qualities, rich values and cultures will be the deciding factor for real success in life. Every child is bestowed with these latent potentialities, and we in sant pathik aavasiya vidyalaya off superb multi platform for richly developing his personality and leadership traits.We aim at nurturing an environment in which children can develop self esteem, self confidence and development of personality while acquirirng knowledge. A hostel is a home away from home.